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For Institutions

Why TEF as your Representative?

The benefits of Nepal presence are enormous, particularly for any institution with limited brand recognition in Nepal. Trust Education Foundation has been accommodating in-country representatives since 2014 and sees the representatives as one of the most effective ways of working closer with institutional partners.

In developing new relationships with overseas institutions through formal agency contracts, we are seeking to build a strong portfolio of partnerships covering the higher education, college and schools sectors. We are looking for Partners that intend to be actively engaged with our business and in the Nepalese market.

We offer a depth and breadth of market coverage enabling our partners to recruit from across Nepal’s diverse geographies. Through our Training and Academic divisions, we also enable Partners to engage with potential students by offering pathway and academic programs within Nepal. We offer total solutions to your student recruitment, marketing and branding requirements in Nepal.

TEF is a total solution to streamline and automate Nepalese student recruitment process. As we know that most of the universities and colleges find it difficult to recruit desired numbers and quality of international students, instead they bear high costs for developing agent network and spend a fortune on travel and marketing budgets to do so. We simplify the entire process using digital tools and do the match making for the institutions to develop the student network for them.

Services and Benefits

  • Marketing

    Enhance your marketing efforts with more customized, relevant information. TEF’s experience ensures that you'll be able to create more innovative marketing campaigns, measure their effectiveness and market directly amongst Nepalese students. Personalize your pitch by identifying key segments of students TEF’s reporting engine. Leverage information captured from multiple channels to focus your marketing efforts on the very best students available. Market across Nepal. TEF supports an effective platform in which you can connect with students from all over Nepal. Enjoy launching initiatives and messaging with potential candidates in a single system.

  • Assured Targets

    TEF brings a unique personalized service that takes away your workload and assures a foolproof and risk-free way of attracting quality students. With this personalized setting you are free from the burden of achieving international targets, so your institution can concentrate more on research and education. This service can be used for markets across Nepal.