Reasons to study in Finland

Finland is a one of the best option for students deciding to choose their study and career in Europe. Finland and its education system assure the best quality education to international students. Following are the various reasons you could Finland for your further studies.

  • Quality Education:

Finland is a home to great universities, which offers various range of study courses for students around the world. A number of study programs are available in English language which makes Finland a good destination for your like Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. For higher education, students are eligible for bachelor’s degree when they finish matriculation, or receive a vocational qualification. Higher education in Finland aims to be independent. There is also a lot of flexibility when it comes to taking various courses and exams. Students are free to choose the direction of their study.

  • Happiest Country in the World:

According to the World Happiness Report 2020, Finland has been named the world’s happiest country for the third time in a row. Finland provides free education and healthcare, which are some of the biggest perks for the people living in these countries. The crime rates in Finland are very low which makes it a safe destination as well. Students will most probably not encounter any sort of illegal activities during their student years.

  • Diverse Community:

Finland is a multicultural country with a strong cultural identity. And the international community in Finland is also diverse and successful. The country welcomes everyone regardless of their country of origin, culture, gender and socio-economic background. 

  • Study Cost and Living Expenses:

The monthly living cost for students living in the capital city or around for basics such as food, rent and transportation are on average 700-1000 Euros or even more depending upon the location and personal expenses. It is important to make arrangements for adequate funding for the entire period of your study before leaving your home country. 

  • Working while Studying:

All degree students applying for Finland must fund their studies and living expenses themselves. International degree and exchange students are allowed to work during their stay in Finland with certain given working hours. If you work in Finland, you have to pay taxes on your income.

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