The Innovative teaching methods, high-quality English-taught courses and low study costs have made Denmark one of the popular study destinations in the world. The country is opted by the students for the large variety of study programs.

Education System

Denmark is well known for its outstanding educational system in addition to its stunning Nordic scenery. Its seven universities are listed in international academic rankings. Joining a Danish university for higher education can be taken as a privilege, as these top universities offer the best education along with a handful of scholarships and waivers.

Let us dive in to learn more about the education system in Denmark!

Higher Education
Let us take a closer look at Denmark's higher education system:


  • Undergraduate or Bachelor's Level: The 180-ECTS bachelor's degree program lasts three years. It is a research-based curriculum that leads to an academic degree. Although there are study breaks available to students, this curriculum is primarily theoretical. It includes significant project work and independent investigations.


  • Postgraduate or Masters Level: A two year, 120 ECTS course leads to a master's degree. This is a university degree that includes research-based instruction. Such master's degrees provide entrance to PhD programs by providing options for internships in Denmark and abroad, as well as exchange opportunities at universities throughout the globe.


  • Doctorate Level: The three-year PhD program requires 180 ECTS. This diploma is issued by a university or other academic institution. This program also provides opportunities for Danish research and teaching. Along with financial help, international cooperation and experience are also offered.

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