The Innovative teaching methods, high-quality English-taught courses and low study costs have made Denmark one of the popular study destinations in the world. The country is opted by the students for the large variety of study programs.

Future Prospects

Studying in Denmark could be one of the most advantageous possibilities for a better life and the best career. Ask why?

  • Students can work 20 hours a week from September to May and 37 hours a week from June to August. This enables them to work part time jobs that help support their living expenses. Pursuing a degree and working to sustain themselves can go hand in hand for international students in Denmark. 
  • International students in Denmark do not have the burden of extending their visa throughout their stay as students, as their visa is validated until their courses finish.
  • For students who aim to settle in Denmark, it is easy to apply for a permanent residence permit. Their dependents can also easily apply for PR.
  • You automatically get a PSW (Post Study Work Visa) with a validity of more than two years after completing your studies in Denmark. The benefits of PSW are that it helps you gain more experience and work on your niche. In addition, it gives you space to explore the possibilities of starting your own business.
  • Denmark is the highest-paying Nordic country. According to government regulations, the hourly wage per person is 75 to 100 DKK. This means that as an international student, you can earn 6,000 to 8,000 DKK per month.

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