Sweden is a Nordic country in the northern region of Europe. It is inhabited by people who are well known for their kindness and acceptance towards students and migrants from different parts of the world.


Education System

According to the World Population Review, Sweden is 10th in the world education ranking. Swedes take the education system very seriously, which can be clearly observed by their success rate at international levels. Swedish education is free to all nationals of Sweden. Joining a Swedish university for higher education can be taken as a privilege, as these top universities offer the best education along with a handful of scholarships and waivers.
Let us dive in to learn more about the Swedish education system!

Higher Education System
Higher education in Sweden is also known as the "tertiary level of education." None of the tertiary levels of education are compulsory and have no age limit, as Sweden promotes statutory rights and has a very inclusive education system.

Let us take a look at the higher education system of Sweden in detail:

Bachelor’s Level
The bachelor’s level, also known as the undergraduate level, is available in Sweden with a limited number of study programs. However, Sweden offers a wide range of international courses at this level. Courses at this level are mostly English-taught. The bachelor's level lasts for a total of 3 years. A student must have completed their secondary level of education to be able to enroll in an undergraduate level of education. The bachelor's level is the first cycle of higher education.

Master's Level
Master’s level, also known as postgraduate or graduate level, is available in Swedish universities. Universities offer a larger number of masters level programs. Postgraduate levels are mostly English-taught. These programs are open to all students, national or international, if they have earned a bachelor's degree.

Doctorate Level
After a Master's degree, students wanting to go for higher education and have the possibility of continuing their studies can join the doctorate level of education at their very university.

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