Studying in the UK offers world-class education, diverse cultural experiences, and opportunities for career development. With top universities and a vibrant student life, it's an attractive destination for international students.

Fundamentals of UK

The United Kingdom, also called the UK, consists of a group of islands. It is a unique country that covers four different nations altogether. The four nations are England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, with the capital cities being London, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Cardiff, respectively. The largest city in the United Kingdom is London. The UK covers a total area of 243,610 square kilometers, which makes it the 78th largest country in the world. The approximate population of the UK is 65,110,000. There are a handful of major urban areas; London, Birmingham, Manchester, West Yorkshire, and Glasgow.
Apart from the land border with the Irish Republic, the United Kingdom is surrounded by sea. The North Sea lies to the east of the UK. The north and west of the UK are covered in high ground, whereas the south is countryside with mostly rolling hills. The UK claims fame in sports and literature. Larger parts of the country have a maritime, moist, and temperate climate.

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